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Hi ! My name is Marc, I am 35 yo from France. I m living in the nothern part of the Paris suburb. I like sciences, cats, computers, travel around...

8 april 2014
Today a disk has been replaced (RAID) and the famous OpenSSL update was made on this project.

26 april 2013
Due to a general network problem at the University the project was unavailable from 12:21 local time.

17 april 2013
The project has migrated to a new CentOS6 server. All should be fine...

16 april 2013
Tomorrow on the 17th of april (9 am local time) this server will be migrated to a CentOS6 system. Some downtime is associated with this.

18 march 2013
Today the boinc server of this project has been upgraded wrt the hardware.


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