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Hi Friends, im from Hagen in nice Germany. Dates: Born 1952, 3 Children, 2 Grandchildren and working as Woodworm. My Projects: Astronomie,...

29 november 2016
This morning the mysql database was found to be corrupt. It has been restored from the dump made at midnight. The restore took some time.

3 august 2015
Today the server hardware was upgraded.

8 july 2015
During the following months this project will stop supporting FreeBSD and Apple Mac (Intel and PowerPC) binaries and switch to boinc binaries without a screen saver.

2 september 2014
We are experiencing network issues again. The IT dep boys are trying to figure out the problem.

6 august 2014
We have been experiencing network problems today and yesterday. Let's hope the IT dep boys are able to fix it soon!


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