Leiden Classical-Builder for Classical

Try out the improved Leiden Classical-Builder 2.01

Try out the improved Leiden Classical-Builder 2.01

As of April the 27th of 2011, the ClassicalBuiler can directly submit to the LGI (Leiden Grid Infrastructure) backend.

This allows students in Leiden to run classical jobs not only through BOINC on the Desktop grid; but also on BigGrid resources, our local clusters and on the national supercomputers.

Special thanks to Willem van Engen and Jan Just Keijser of NIKHEF for this!

Please check out the forum too.


Classical-Builder was developed to create input files for the program Classical. Classical Builder allows you to
create particles, use multiple interactions and define constraints between two or more particles. You can create these
particles in a Java3D environment using both 2D and 3D view screens.

Run Classical-Builder now.

Read the Classical-Builder documentation now.

Here are some example input files to load and try-out.

Download the standalone Classical program to test and run your input.

Read the Classical documentation now for more details.

Submit your calculation to the grid now.

Check-out some of the projects students have done here at Leiden.

And check-out the main page of our Leiden Classical project to get more information on classical dynamics.


Both the sources of Classical-Builder and the precompiled .jar are available for dowload.

Also the sources of Classical are available for dowload.



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