Server hardware and setup


The server running this project is a single Quad core Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5630 @ 2.53GHz connected to the internet with a 1Gb connection. The machine has 24GB of DDR3 FB-DIMM RAM with ECC running at 1067MHz. The mainboard is an Intel S5520UR mainboard put into an S5520UR chassis that supports hot-swap. Three 300Gb Western Digital VelociRaptor 10krpm disks have been put into a software RAID-1 configuration. Spare servers are ready to take over.


The system runs CentOS 6 and is kept up-to-date (currently 6.7). The MySQL version currently is 5.1.73, PHP is version 5.3.3 and Apache is at version 2.2.15, all defaults from CentOS 6. The machine has two IP numbers and the URL resolves to both. This ensures that if at a later stage we need to run two servers (as we used to), we have both IP numbers and the URL ready. Spare identical servers are already at location for this if needed.


The server makes a backup of all files every 10 min to a storage server using rsync. Once every 4 hours a full .tar.gz of all files is made. The MySQL database is dumped every hour too. These dumps and tar files are kept for at least two days and are also rsynced. The rsync server has a RAID-5 setup and is directly connected into the same switch with 1Gb ethernet. This should ensure a minimal loss of data in case of failures.


The current status of the server and which daemons are running can be obtained by using the Server Status link on the main page.

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