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Questions and Answers : Windows : "Server has software problem"

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Message 24 - Posted 13 Feb 2006 19:03:30 UTC

I succesfully computed my first four results. However, I managed to report only two of them, because after uploading, at the connection to the scheduler, an error pops out, saying \"Server has software problem. Project is town\". What\'s up?
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Message 95 - Posted 15 Feb 2006 16:38:29 UTC

The server is a test-server.

I\'m still developing and checking the boinc server software here at the same time... Sometimes I need to edit directly in the database or shift some files or what and then I momentarilly shut down the project. Sorry about that but that\'s the only way I can fix bugs and make it better for the future... (I\'m telling you that feeded daemon is a pain in the bee-hind but is seems to be running fine now ;-).

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Questions and Answers : Windows : "Server has software problem"

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