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Message 2342 - Posted 17 Dec 2008 17:47:57 UTC

Is there a way to get a weak account key for an account?

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Message 2343 - Posted 18 Dec 2008 6:13:01 UTC - in response to Message ID 2342.

Not on here, no. Leiden Classical uses a ported over version of the BOINC back end, which takes quite a bit of time for Mark to port over and test for stability. As you can expect of that, he won't update the back end software each time BOINC releases a new update as it takes quite some time (couple of weeks) to test if the new software is stable enough for his needs.

So the software here doesn't have as much of the options as other projects using the standard back end have. Weak account keys is one of those.

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Message 2828 - Posted 2 Jun 2012 16:55:56 UTC

Well I guess then users of command line linux are out :( I use cmd for the amazon ec2 boinc instance I run and it would be great to put this site on it so I wouldn't give a hoot if a rush job came in. owell

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