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Message 2448 - Posted 23 Jul 2009 16:45:35 UTC

after installing boinc on a new debian sid, i got this error:

process exited with code 127 (0x7f, -129)
classical_5.56_i686-pc-linux-gnu.exe: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


on all WUs.
i went on to install libglut, and it stopped erroring.
as it also happened at another project, i filed a bug against boinc suggesting it should recommend the library with boinc.

the maintainer's replay was, that if it's not mentioned as a standard for boinc, it may be the case that it should be statically linked by the projects, but he's open to other suggestions.

some googling led me to find that it's a library that is used for the graphics. although it solved the errors, i still don't get any graphics working, so i can't see why it did.

i don't care much for graphics so my problem is kind of solved, but as it's a volunteering project that "competes" on volunteers' CPU time, i think it's something that should not happen "out of the box", without even the user knowing about the graphic app (in my case it was even more dissappointing to find out that after all the fuss it's still not working:-).

so i'm asking for your take on the issue:
* should it be solved in the project level?
* dist level ? (debian does also mean ubuntu and others...)
* is it ok as it is, and users should do the work themselves (google, follow the errors on the website) if they want to contribute to this project?

thanks for reading this far.... :-)

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Message 2453 - Posted 27 Jul 2009 7:27:09 UTC

See also which is the third link on our main page...

The reason why you don't get graphics is because BOINC doesn't fully support screen savers under linux on the client; talk to Berkley about that one ;-). We do need libglut for any platform anyway... We can link it statically; but then it will show slow graphics on machines which have a fast GPU / video card with 3D capabilities... The graphics can been seen though through the client on Linux, just not as a screen saver...


M.F. Somers

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Joined: Jul 27, 2008
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ID: 16282
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Message 2457 - Posted 28 Jul 2009 11:15:28 UTC

in my view, the problem is not weather or not graphics work, but making sure they don't crush if there's no glut.
in my own experience, before getting to the bottom of this, sometimes i would just switch the machine to other projects when it happend, while sometimes it might "just work" as i did want graphics so i installed glut in advance.
i do believe some crunchers are lost by the project for that reason.

it's my opinion that if it's needed for the actual running of all WUs it should be statically linked, if not then a solution should be found so that it doesn't crash.

in the past few days i did some tests and looked around, and it does seem a problem specific (almost) only to this project (other one i found being spinhenge@home), so i do believe it should be tackled by the project.

and, of course, since it's just my view of things, it's perfectly acceptable that you might find the adjustments just not worth the effort/time/lost of graphics performance. since i don't have the skills to do more than offer my opinion, i can just voice it and thank you for the great work you're doing.


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