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Questions and Answers : Wish list : Add support for BOINC-wide Teams please!

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Message 2819 - Posted 23 Apr 2012 7:16:55 UTC

You do not seem to have support for Boinc-wide Teams...

Quote from BOINC:

If some BOINC project is failing to import this team list, please notify them. Ask them to read this page and to update to the latest server software.

This Page = ""

Transcript from page:

Last modified 5 years ago

Importing BOINC-wide teams

BOINC has a mechanism to let users create BOINC-wide teams - teams that have same name and founder email address on all BOINC projects. If a new BOINC-wide team is created, it will automatically be created on your project as well - but only if you add the following to your config.xml file:

<cmd>run_in_ops team_import.php</cmd>
<period>1 day</period>


- AAW <><

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Message 2820 - Posted 24 Apr 2012 7:38:44 UTC
Last modified: 24 Apr 2012 7:39:20 UTC

It seems that this feature is not part of BOINC 5.10 server edition. We are running the 5.10 server version because we had to tweak and modify quite some stuff to get things running smoothly with our project using homogeneous redundancy. Some of these tweaks never made it to the main line because it was regarded to specific to this project. The consequence is that we do not continuesly update server side. As a plus; we have a rather stable server here, as a con we lack some new features. As soon as we have time to start the long and hard migration to a new BOINC server edition these new features will be available for this project (lot's of testing and making sure everything works before going live and converting the database and will take at least two weeks from my busy scientific research and teaching schedule). Perhaps if I can find a student willing?


M.F. Somers

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Questions and Answers : Wish list : Add support for BOINC-wide Teams please!

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