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Dirk Broer
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Message 2825 - Posted 14 May 2012 0:44:23 UTC

On both my Win8 Dev as my Win8 Consumer Preview machine I notice that when I suspend Leiden Classical tasks, that they go on as nci (non-cpu intensive) tasks. I noticed it because after some hours of having the WUs suspended thay appeared to be gone from my Win8 systems. When I tried it a second time, I noticed that the screensaver -which pops up under Win8 regardless of the setting- did still show activity for the Leiden WUs. So, when having 4 Leiden WUs running on one of my systems I can suspend them, run 4 other tasks, and in the end see 8 tasks finish shortly after each other (in the log anyway).

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Message boards : Number crunching : Windows 8 anomaly

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