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Message 2852 - Posted 18 Jul 2012 12:29:06 UTC

I've just received this message in PM:
linda121 Block user
Date 18 Jul 2012 12:22:43 UTC
Message Dear Good Friend

I contacted you,after so many prayers and fasting towards your profile.I choosed you as a good & honest person,whom i can confide all my trust with,in this urgent business transaction.

Let me firstly introduce myself, My name is Linda Andrew,from Coted'Ivoire. The only child of late Mr Joseph Andrew . My mother died when i was a kid and My late father is the owner of J&T Cocoa Industries. But my father died recently and he was poisoned by his brother and before his sudden death,He called me privately and told me of huge amount of money ( us$7,800,000.00. ) Which he deposited in a BANK,here in my country and used my name as the next of kin,as her only child.

Now,i am Orphan of mother and father and I want you to help me out, in providing a bank account,where this total funds, (us$7,800,000.00.) Seven Million Eight Hundred Thousand United State Dollars, which my late father deposited in the bank with my name as the next of kin,will be transfered into,over there in your country,for my investment purposes in your country with you. Also you will advice me on a good and profitable investment,which i can set-up in your country,after the successful transfer.

Please, i am honourably soliciting for your kind and urgent assistance in the following ways:
1) To provide a bank account where this money will be transfered into.
2) To serve as the guardian of these fund ,since i am still minor.
3)To make arrangement for me in your country to continue my educational career and to procure to me a residential permit in your country.

Sincerely speaking from my heart, i am willing to offer you 15% of this my total funds, as a reward for your assistance in helping me out. Not only this,you will also be my oversea guidian and take care of all the companies or any business venture,which i will set-up in your country.

Anyway,urgently reply me rightnow, for more details about me and about this my total funds i wants to transfer into your bank account, if you are really ready and interested to help me out in this assistance. I am eagerly waiting to hear from you now.

Infact, i am seriously fasting and praying now, before writting you this letter, because, this money here is what is left for me and my life.I prayed you understand, because if anything happened to it, i will beg for the rest of my life.

Thanks for your assistance and take care and also may God bless you as you help me out.Email me at
Your new good friend,

Linda Andrew

just to let the admin know about it

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Message 2853 - Posted 18 Jul 2012 13:03:35 UTC - in response to Message ID 2852.

I've just received this message in PM:

I have received this message too from the same user: linda121

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Joined: Feb 12, 2007
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Message 2854 - Posted 18 Jul 2012 14:15:54 UTC - in response to Message ID 2853.
Last modified: 18 Jul 2012 14:27:11 UTC

Same here--
been fixed ...

California Earthquake 10/23/89

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Message 2855 - Posted 18 Jul 2012 14:18:29 UTC

Same here. Please ban the user.

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