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Rosemary Billington
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Message 3045 - Posted 12 Oct 2017 20:19:59 UTC

Please forgive my great ignorance of the science, but here are some ideas that might just help to save the project if any of them are viable and possible.

1: Keeping the number of wu's available to send as high as possible for as long as possible as often as possible must surely help to maintain cudos, or 'momentum of where with all', as well as support.

2: As the Dutch military turned up so quickly in the Carribean to help hurricane victims in September 2017 perhaps once back online fully perhaps islands so helped by a rapid reaction 'International Rescue' to make 'Thunderbirds' jealous might consider helping Leiden Classical at a crucial time for it on BOINC on the internet as a personal and collective 'thank you'.

3: Leiden Classical could perhaps help out the DENNIS@home project with its backup problem and the resurfacing of their project, as Leiden Classical has such a strong regular backup system. If so then perhaps DENNIS@home could help in some way to keep Leiden Classical continuing for longer. Thus helping both BOINC projects and perhaps both universities involved. The very slight embarassment of being saved by the Dutch would be absolutely nothing compared to complete loss of face.

4: A Second Phase of the Leiden Classical project could involve switching to Methane/Water/Ozone studies to follow on from its present First Phase of Butane/Water/Hydrogen studies that we have all I am sure very much enjoyed supporting in our volunteering. Such a possible envisioned Second Phase could involve more applied theoretical research involving scenarios of the above molecules modelled in models of caves and mines on Earth, as well as in modelds of caves on the Moon and Mars, etc, etc. The former Earth set could be used to help for better safety knowledge and design of better more reliable Methane detectors. The latter Space set could be of great use in knowledge to help in the search for primitive life beyond Earth, safety of future human space exploration and safety for future space colonies. Funding could come from Mining buisnesses. Caving Groups, NASA, ESA, Roscosmos and the Chinese Space Agency

5: Space mined rocket fuels molecules ((From Perchlorate), Hydrogen and Oxygen) theoretical study could form a Third Phase of Leiden Classical.

You could end up with more funding to help keep the project going than you (ever??) need. However, if none of these ideas are deemed feasable then perhaps this communication may just inspire other volunteers ,scientists, students (or anyone else for that matter) to develop more feasably on this communication or present more feasable ideas then it will it have been vastly worthwhile writing.

Rosemary Billington 12th October 2017

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