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21) Message boards : : Leiden Classical : Computation Error
Posted 1114 days ago by m.somers

have you made sure all graphical libs are available?

22) Message boards : : Number crunching : Problem Downloading Project Executables
Posted 1132 days ago by m.somers
That is strange; I double checked all executables on the server here with off-line backups and the sha1sums all check:

sha1sum classical_5.56_windows_intelx86.exe:

dbe74e6b129e30501269ce15858c42fb91c61c26 classical_5.56_windows_intelx86.exe

You might try and see of your downloaded executable also has the above sha1sum.

if so, I think Avast is giving a false positive because I personally compiled those binaries from sources on a virtual windows XP system used only for compiling boinc that is regularly scanned with the Kaspersky rescue CD scanner.

if not, you do not somehow have the correctly signed binary and the boinc client should also refuse to run it.


23) Questions and answers : General issues : Web site : Wrong link for Server Status on Mainpage
Posted 1231 days ago by m.somers
Just tested it; it works correctly; the
is cached a bit better and uses less resources than but more or less shows the same.

24) Questions and answers : Platform-specific problems : Unix/Linux : Client error
Posted 1318 days ago by m.somers
Tried this?


25) Message boards : : Number crunching : Workunit twice to the same computer
Posted 1341 days ago by m.somers

this has to do with 'homogenous redundancy'. This project allows for sending the two WUs to the same computer, but not within the period; you can get the sequentially. This 'relaxed' option allows for more throughput of WUs for a project that really needs that 'homogenous redundancy'.


26) Message boards : : Leiden Classical : Work units failing with error missing
Posted 1341 days ago by m.somers

is on the main page....

27) Questions and answers : Platform-specific problems : Unix/Linux : error
Posted 1379 days ago by m.somers
See; you probably need to install the 64 bit versions of MESA / freeglut.


28) Message boards : : Leiden Classical : Scheduler request failed: HTTP file not found
Posted 1469 days ago by m.somers
Well, you'd be suprised; all WU and result enries in the data base are reganerated from one single original one. That one contains spaces. Attempts to modify that (aka removing spaces) will result in a signature mismatch => download error. Removing this means stopping the workflow (stop automatically generating WUs) which means drying the project. This affects many (ALL) users. The error we are dealing with only affects 1% or less of the users/volunteers. All in all the xml parsing error is within the client and having spaces there is not invalid xml as such. So... the situation; there is a bug in the clients XML parsing that affects less than 1% of the volunteers and the assumed workarround (not sure and surely not tested) is stopping a project and all outstanding work for that? See my point?


29) Questions and answers : Platform-specific problems : Windows : BOINC doesn't complete uploading of results
Posted 1490 days ago by m.somers

I currently only find four other upload error results in the DB, of different hosts. To be honest, that doesn't say much.


30) Questions and answers : General issues : Web site : WARNING - user linda phishing scam attempt via private message
Posted 1519 days ago by m.somers


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