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1) Questions and answers : General issues : Web site : Wrong link for Server Status on Mainpage
Posted 1961 days ago by Matthias Lehmkuhl
Hi team,
just tried to look at the Server Status from Mainpage.
Found that there is a wrong entry/link.

Wrong ->

Correct ->

Please change it.
2) Message boards : : Number crunching : WU @ 100.01%
Posted 3929 days ago by Matthias Lehmkuhl
I've the same Problem with this WU
Progress bar shows 100.000% since 6 Hours runtime.
Runtime now 24:35 Hours
Boinc 5.10.30 on Win XP SP2 with Intel P4

I'll try to reset the project too

Update: reset of the project works not so good for me, CPU time for the result is lost and i get an other result to crunch. Result 7681611 isn't reported to the project as aborted. Client state is always New.

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