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1) Message boards : : Leiden Classical : exceeded disk limit
Posted 2594 days ago by XJR-Maniac
Nope? Nope to what? Shouldn't I post again or is WinNT 4.0 no longer supported? Or both? ;-)))
2) Message boards : : Leiden Classical : exceeded disk limit
Posted 2610 days ago by XJR-Maniac
Sorry, it was not the leiden classical app that failed but one of the trajtou-apps. Should I ask my question again in the number crunching forum?
3) Message boards : : Leiden Classical : exceeded disk limit
Posted 2635 days ago by XJR-Maniac
Not sure if I'm suffering from the same issue but since the upgrade to version 5.40 my WinNT 4.0 machine aborted all WUs with error "Maximum disk usage exceeded".

The partition BOINC is running on has 31 GB of 32 GB free and my general settings regarding disk usage are as follows:

Use at most: 50 GB disk space
Leave at least: 1 GB disk space free
Use at most: 50% of total disk space

On this NT 4.0 machine I'm using BOINC v5.8.16 because the v6.x clients no longer support WinNT.

Is the new Leiden application no longer running on WinNT 4.0? On my other machines with WinXP Win 2003 I've never seen this error since the upgrade.

4) Questions and answers : General issues : Web site : Team Info won't update.
Posted 2818 days ago by XJR-Maniac
I coudn't create a description for my team White BOINX on Dope using html tags. Only text is displayed here. It's working on all other projects I'm crunching for. Are html-tags not allowed for a team description? For the html team name tags are working fine.

In Message 2228 you posted something about profiles being filtered here through akismet. Is this the reason for my problem?
5) Message boards : : Number crunching : Unable to merge hosts
Posted 3514 days ago by XJR-Maniac

everytime I try to merge those hosts


I receive this message:

No hosts are eligible for merging with this one.

Any suggestions what prevents the merge?

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