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21) Questions and answers : Platform-specific problems : Windows : Is there a problem with the new Classical?
Posted 4584 days ago by adrianxw
End of this thread.
22) Message boards : : Number crunching : Invalid Results
Posted 4588 days ago by adrianxw
Update, all of the \"Classical\" wu I have received since yesterday have been classed \"Invalid\". In the same period, the single \"trajtou-pt111\" wu I received, which was also crunched by some pretty old gear, i.e. under the same circumstances as the Classicals, was fine.


Hmmm, new version of Classical, all fail, old version of trajtou works?

23) Message boards : : Number crunching : No credits - status Success - reason ?
Posted 4589 days ago by adrianxw
I\'ve had 5 wu\'s flagged invalid so far today, (all of them that have been \"validated\" actually - several others pending). Check out this thread.
24) Message boards : : Number crunching : Invalid Results
Posted 4589 days ago by adrianxw
So far today, (29th March 2006), all of the wu\'s I\'ve returned, that have been \"judged\", have been flagged as invalid despite completing normally. I note I seem to be being matched with very different generations of CPU.

If my results are just going to be dumped, not much point crunching them.


Other still pending, checked but no concensus.

I am machine 2208

I\'ve read the referred threads, which simply point out that if my CPU is different in sufficient degree to the others, then the results will be different. This may well be an explanation, but does not encourage me to continue crunching for example.

I notice there has been a new version released today, coincidence?

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