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Hi, i'm an 20 year old student from Belgium. I'm currently in my second year industrial engineer at college in Leuven. In my spare time, you can...

6 sept 2018

The server will be taken off line before the end of november 2018.

17 july 2018
This project will be phased out before the end of 2018. The project site will remain available until at least the end of september 2018.

05 june 2018
As of today the scheduler, file uploader and all other daemons have been stopped. The project web site will stay online for some time still

09 may 2018
This project is reaching end-of-life. Automatic work generation has been stopped. Account creation has been stopped. Before the end of 2018 the server will be taken off-line.

22 may 2017
Due to spammers automatically creating accounts, account creation can and will be disabled at our discretion. Furthermore, this project is reaching its ending phase probably somewere in 2018. This means as long as the software runs and the OS receives updates (EOL 2020), the project will be maintained, but automatic work creation will stop for sure.


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