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compinho ("While my computers are BOINCing I'm tracking Euro notes. If you live in the eurozone...")
eurobob ("_")
Erkki Väisänen
the king of art ("hello viewer, im a student from finland, im intrested in the search of extra terrestrials,...")
EssSutter ("Hi there! :) My name is Essie, I'm a student studying Psychology from Wark, Great...")
JonAlcorn ("I am Jonas from Meltonby. I love to play Piano. Other hobbies are Writing. Feel free...")
HanSullivan ("My name is Hannah Sullivan. I life in Stagden Cross (Great Britain). My...")
RodBAE ("My name: Rodrigo Arscott Age: 21 Country: Great Britain Home town: Whatfield Post...")
BobRRUS ("I'm a 36 years old and study at tthe college (Nutritional Sciences). In my spare time...")
AntFincham ("How to Find a Florist in Alexandria In case you are looking for a present to deliver,...")

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