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groucho ("PhD in Physics")
Mike Bader ("I'm from Michigan USA, just north of Detroit. I've been working in computers for over 30...")
Crystallize ("Hi it\'s me !")
Motoko Kusanagi
[B^S] BOINC-SG ("Momo, Tiger and Me (Shai Hulud aka Steffen) are great fans of BOINC. We like to support as...")
[AF>France]Cristilo ("Hi, I'm 45 and I work at the french Foreign Affairs Ministry. So, I move every 3 to 5...")
[B^S] HenryHunter ("NameĀ“s Heiner. Living in Lower Saxony, Germany. Started chrunching SETI@home + added more...")
Jordan Bashir ("Have keyboard, will travel.")
Fuzzy Hollynoodles ("Hi, I'm Bouncer Jupiter and I'm a cat. My human, Fuzzy, calls me Bouncer, because I bounce...")
Cherbit ("artis painter, web site")

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