Netherlands Antilles

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Rene Treurniet ("born and raised in Willemstad , Curacao , Netherlands Antilles , 1934 . Educated...")
TriEldred ("Sports betting for a long time was usually looked at and frowned upon. It absolutely was...")
AleHEPI ("I am Alethea from Clewer. I love to play Bass Guitar. Other hobbies are Archery. My...")
ChaDai ("I'm Chassidy and I live in Hilton Of Cadboll. I'm interested in Modern Languages,...")
Car61N ("Helklo from Great Britain. I'm glad to camje here. My first name is Carrol. I live in a...")
JanTurpin ("I am Janine and was born on 8 August 1982. My hobbies are Climbing and Taxidermy.")
DiaHarries ("Hello! My name is Diana and I'm a 30 years old girl from Priestland. Here is my...")
EdiPaige ("My name is Edith Paige. I life in Dunans (Great Britain). Here is my website -...")
Abb2387 ("Hello, dear friend! I am Abby. I smile that I can join to the entire world. I live in...")
JoeMetzler ("These internet sites offer you immediate access to large databases of on-line and standard...")

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