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So there I was, just finishing up my morning rituals and trying to fend off a killer head-ache, when the boss calls the alert. Apparently there's this group of blokes trying to walk through OUR forest. I mean, come on, who goes through OUR forest? So we gotta get everybody up, but that's hard since it was a Tuesday morning and you know what that means. Start drinking on Thursday to get ready for the weekend, then it's the weekend, and the weekend spills into Monday, then here we are. It's always a sad sight on Tuesdays, like when you see one knight trying to convince an oak tree (rather un-convincingly) that he would definitely call it back in the morning while scribbling down some numbers on a used napkin he got off a passing group of waiter's earlier that month.

So we get ourselves together and here come the pack of boneheads. Two fancy pants dimwits followed by a couple of guys clapping coconuts together. I wondered where they got coconuts in the first place, but we had to deal with the trespassing issue first. The boss decided to give them a break since we needed to replace a couple of our shrubberies after they got smashed during a violent game of "Who Cut the Cheese?". They better get it right.

Now, where'd I put that herring?

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